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The "Truly Independent" project has come to an end.

The "Truly Independent" project has come to an end. "Guide to independent life is for students, Teaching program for teachers, we hope you will use them. If you have questions, please contact the project coordinator Marcin Łączkowski ...

12 grudnia 2018
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The last meeting

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On June 27-29, the last meeting of the coordinators of the two Erasmus Plus projects took place. Teachers from Italy, Turkey, Malta, Greece, France and Portugal have summarized two years of working together. The purpose of the meeting was to popularize the results of projects. Despite the summer break, the students who participated in meetings  in partner schools appeared at the meeting too. The special presentation was attended by representatives of the Education Development Center from Warsaw, the Board of Education in Katowice and the Metis Regional Methodological and Educational Center in Katowice. Thank you for  paricipation in this special event....


2 lipca 2018

Prometheus Award

8th Congress of Youth Education Centers  was held  since  19 to 21 September 2017.   During the Congress, our project “Truly Independent”  took  part  in “Prometheus 2017 contest”  selecting the best "good practices" in Polish Youth Education  Centers. We are proud to announce that our presentation of "Truly Independent" has won the 1st prize and the Prometheus award. Jury headed by prof. Marek Konopczyński had no doubts and unanimously accepted the verdict. Congratulations to All of us.


16 października 2017